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A leader in digital asset management
and quantitative trading.

Aureas offers superior returns on crypto holdings for large private investors and institutional clients. Active crypto investors since 2015, our investment strategies have been very profitable during both rallies and crashes. We follow a quantitative investment approach with a focus on risk management.

We only work with clients outside of Germany that are either institutional investors or maintain the "professional investor" status under EU MiFID regulation.

We are based in Munich, Germany.

Aureas Digital Asset Management: Willkommen

Our services

Our services have evolved from managing our own assets to offering a wide range of digital investment services to our clients.

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Digital Asset
Family Office

We offer bespoke investment services to clients that hold significant amounts of digital assets. Typically, we assume complete control over the digital asset portfolio and maintain an active investment process that we think is necessary in the fast-changing crypto markets.
Our service also includes investment management of the latest asset classes such as NFTs or Decentralized Finance assets.
We typically work with investment amounts that are larger than 2 million USD equivalent.

Crypto Fixed Income Funds

We offer superior fixed-income returns on holdings in USD stablecoins, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Having developed and optimized our trading strategies for over four years, we can deliver high-yielding returns by trading derivatives on liquid exchanges, while maintaining very low risk. In 2022, typical monthly returns are:

USD stablecoins: 1.1%-2.5% per month

Bitcoin: 1%-2.0% per month

Ethereum: 1%-2.0% per month

Trading and algorithm development for digital assets

By developing our own trading strategies, we have built significant skills and infrastructure to develop, test, and execute quantitative trading strategies in the digital markets. Work with us to develop and implement new trading algorithms. We are always open for new trading ideas and can quickly implement reliable trading systems.
We are permanently looking for cryptocurrency traders and software developers in the space! Contact us on LinkedIN for quick feedback.

Aureas Digital Asset Management: Unsere Dienstleistungen


Geibelstr. 9, 81679 München

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